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Select the Pensra MatchTerm you personally observed during the previous 15 days by setting the appropriate column Criteria and clicking "Show". Click on the value in the "Match" column to see the match details and initiate an Evaluation of one of the Referee Crew members.

Evaluation Criteria
SourceNumberClient multiple
FieldAction reset
2469932/16/20206:00 pmNorCal PremierGU14Murray / Burlingame Sports Complex
2473352/16/20204:00 pmAlliance FC TournamentBU14Chabot College #1
2473362/16/20204:00 pmAlliance FC TournamentBU12Shorty Garcia #1-1
2472382/16/20204:00 pmJuventus TournamentBU1349er Field
2472372/16/20203:50 pmJuventus TournamentGU12Hoover SE-9v9
2472362/16/20203:45 pmJuventus TournamentBU14McGarvey Field
2472352/16/20203:40 pmJuventus TournamentGU10Hoover NW-7v7
2470502/16/20203:30 pmNorCal PremierGU14Murray / Burlingame Sports Complex
2473332/16/20203:30 pmAlliance FC TournamentGU14Chabot College #T1
2473342/16/20203:30 pmAlliance FC TournamentGU14Shorty Garcia #2
2473302/16/20202:45 pmAlliance FC TournamentBU13Chabot College #1
2473312/16/20202:45 pmAlliance FC TournamentBU12Shorty Garcia #1-1
2473322/16/20202:45 pmAlliance FC TournamentBU12Shorty Garcia #1-2
2472342/16/20202:40 pmJuventus TournamentBU12Hoover SE-9v9
2472332/16/20202:30 pmJuventus TournamentGU10Hoover NW-7v7
2473282/16/20202:15 pmAlliance FC TournamentBU13Chabot College #T1
2473292/16/20202:15 pmAlliance FC TournamentGU14Shorty Garcia #2
2472322/16/20202:15 pmJuventus TournamentGU1349er Field
2473272/16/20201:45 pmAlliance FC TournamentBU10Chabot College 7v7 #1
2473252/16/20201:30 pmAlliance FC TournamentBU14Chabot College #1
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