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Select the Pensra MatchTerm you personally observed during the previous 15 days by setting the appropriate column Criteria and clicking "Show". Click on the value in the "Match" column to see the match details and initiate an Evaluation of one of the Referee Crew members.

Evaluation Criteria
SourceNumberClient multiple
FieldAction reset
2292365/19/20193:30 pmSFYS Upper HouseGU12Crocker Amazon #1C/D
2322755/19/20193:30 pmNorCal PremierGU13Crestmoor Lower C
2331505/19/20193:30 pmCCSL CoastBU08Burgess Field 7v7
2331735/19/20193:30 pmCCSL CoastBU11Woodside Elem Sch Turf
2331955/19/20193:30 pmCCSL CoastBU10Corte Madera MS
2334025/19/20193:30 pmCCSL CoastGU17Crocker Amazon #2
2342175/19/20193:15 pmNorCal PremierBU12Westmoor HIgh School 9v9
2305095/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierGU11Highlands Park - San Carlos
2315545/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierBU10Franklin North
2316835/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierGU15San Mateo HS FF
2318245/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierGU19Oceana HS - Lower
2322695/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierGU16Crestmoor Upper E
2325215/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierGU09Franklin South
2326365/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierGU13Sea Cloud #3
2327085/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierGU10Oceana HS - Upper
2329205/19/20193:00 pmCCSL CoastBU18Murray / Burlingame Sports Complex
2334475/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierBU14Pollicita Field
2336385/19/20193:00 pmCCSL CoastGU10Marlin Park North East
2338315/19/20193:00 pmNorCal PremierGU14Franklin Square
2342875/19/20193:00 pmCCSL CoastGU19Cunha 1
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