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Practical Tips on using an Electronic WhistlePrintable

  • Before the game, let the players hear the whistle and let everyone know that this is the whistle we will be using for this game today
  • Know how to change the batteries and have spare batteries with you
  • Pick your tone and volume.   Some of the tones will have the players laughing.  
  • Remind yourself to delay triggering the whistle.   
    • Normally, you have a moment in time while you bring your whistle to your mouth to
      • rethink what you saw,
      • whether you should blow,
      • should you apply advantage and
      • what is your decision.   
    • With your finger on the trigger, it is easy to lose this moment of time.   
  • You will try to raise the electronic whistle to your mouth -  whoops
  • You can't talk with an electronic whistle.   You can hold it longer - but not the same as blowing louder.
  • Make a gesture of some sort when using an electronic whistle.   Players will look around and if they see you just standing there with your arms at your side, they might not realize that you are triggering the whistle.   The tone on an electronic whistle is more difficult to "locate" for the players.
  • Point the whistle toward the play you want to stop.   Don't keep the whistle pointing to the ground.   Move the whistle while triggering - the sound will cover more of the playing field.