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Sunday September 25th, 2022

Referees: Consider... During player check-in, hold up the law book and ask in a friendly tone "Anyone ever read this?" Expect blank stares of disbelief. Then convey, "You all know the rules, but some calls are tricky - like handball. And sometimes I don't see everything." Then make yourself human, "I don't like being yel...

Saturday September 17th, 2022

Darrell Ringman hosted a series of "Dr. Soccer Office Hours" Zoom sessions recently to answer questions regarding refereeing, how to use Pensra, and any other soccer questions you might have. Feel free to review the recordings which have been posted to Facebook. Please send him an e-mail if you would like these sessions to resume...Going

Saturday September 17th, 2022

Youth Referees

Federal Law requires Pensra to copy a parent or guardian or another adult on ALL messages originating from the Pensra system. To meet this requirement we REQUIRE that you provide a CCEmail in your profile (under messaging). This should be the email address of your parent or guardian. You WILL NOT be allowe...

Saturday September 3rd, 2022

Mayfield North Closed
The City of Palo Alto has closed Mayfield North due to quality issues with the synthetic turf. Matches scheduled for this pitch will be moved or cancelled by the clubs/leagues.

Monday August 29th, 2022


A referee reported to their assignor about poor sportsmanship at a GU10 match. The referee said, and I quote, "I should have sent the coach off." The coach was shown a yellow card.

REFEREES please, please, please sanction team staff misconduct as outlined in the Laws of the Game. Coll...

Saturday May 7th, 2022

The Professional Referee Organization (MLS Referees in the US) produces video clips to discuss MLS Match situations and calls. These can be seen at The Skagit Valley Referee Association uses some of these clips in Continuing Education Modules. Every few weeks new continuing education modules based on the PR...

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Just released - a series of How to navigate Pensra videos - made by a youth referee for youth referees.   Over 20 different topics.   Each one is just a  minute or two long.  Access the intro topics here!


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